Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2 Year Old Stats

We took Lauren today for her 2 year old shots & checkup, she is 31.5" tall, weighs 22 lbs. Her weight is in the 8th percentile, height in the 5th percentile but her head circumference is in the 40th percentile. The doctor says she is extremely sensitive to light which would explain why she hates having pictures taken now. She does speech therapy once a week and her newest words are big bird, snack, I stuck ( and she usually is stuck somewhere :), Shiloh(our bird) and Sarah(Jocelyn's mom) The funniest thing she does right now is if she is doing something wrong and you give her "the look" she'll hold up her fingers and say I two. HA like she can get away with stuff because she's 2. :) oh, she also says Target......sorry no pictures... I'll try and get some later but she is in no mood for pics after having shots done.

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