Monday, August 30, 2010


The title describes how I feel right now about pneumonia, we have been at this battle with Lauren's pneumonia since it all started on August 10Th. We have been to our doctor 5 times since then, filled 9 prescriptions and spent somewhere around $350.00 in the process . We go to another doctor who is a pediatric pulmunologist on September 15th in Macon to try and see if he can help us rid this child of this crazy illness. I don't understand why she won't get better and why the cough will not go away but we'll keep trying until we get an answer. Until then we are in Pnue mania still :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Official !!

Lauren has now been registered with the state of GA as a home schooled child. I sent my Declaration of Intent to them today so now I have to do four and a half hours of school each day for 180 days a year and send in monthly attendance reports on her to our school superintendent :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Our local Science museum has a special exhibit on large bugs so after being home bound for a while with pneumonia we decided to get out of this house and go check it out. Lauren's favorite part was the gift shop of course :)

finding China on the globe.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where Have We Been ?

as much as I tried to avoid it, facebook took over my blog, it's easier to load pictures to facebook so I got suckered into it. :)I am determined to keep this blog because I don't scrapbook and this is how I have Lauren's milestones recorded. in the last 6 or so weeks we have moved to a small town, struggled with domestic adoption, signed Lauren up for PTSD therapy, started talking to DFACS about an adoption and getting ready to homeschool again for Kindergarten/ First Grade. We have also taken a trip to Florida for Steve's parents 50Th anniversary. It's been a busy few weeks but I am trying to keep up with my " online diary" now :) Here's a recent picture of my cute girl who starts Kindergarten/ First Grade homeschool on Monday. I say kindergarten and first grade because she will be doing 1st grade math and language arts and we'll be reviewing kindergarten in the other subjects.