Friday, July 31, 2009

What Do You Wear To Shop ?

if your Lauren you wear a tutu and heels of course :) notice she's shopping for more clothes and her poor baby is nude, she's working on her mommy skills I promise.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Before I Forget

I need to get down these Lauren quotes before I forget them, I use this blog as a baby book so to speak and have been neglecting it so I need to get these funny things down before they slip my mind :)

"Mom, you are styling" She was watching me get ready

"Mom, this next one will be easier for you" She said this because I couldn't understand what she was saying to me :)

"What's the big idea ?" she said this when she lost a game of topple to me and daddy

" Do brains go away "

She is always saying funny stuff but if I don't get them down I'll forget them and since I can't scrapbook very well this is the way I remember what she says. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anxiety 101

Well, we are back to square one with Lauren and her anxiety issues, I put her in a preschool camp for a week because she wanted to be with other kids, well she FREAKED out because of the crowd of kids and will not go back, I called her doctor today and she said to withdraw her from camp and do not let her attend preschool in the Fall or it will get worse. we knew we were going to homeschool anyway because of her high anxiety but she wanted to play with other kids so we signed her up, big mistake. She completely shut down and had an anxiety attack both days she went. I get frustrated at times when I see how easy going and social other kids are but I have to remember that Lauren has these issues and scored a 96 % anxiety level on her testing at the International Adoption Clinic so she is just different than other kids but honestly it doesn't make it easy on any of us. Her doctors tell us to expect her to be on anti anxiety meds at some point in her life, I hope she outgrows this before that point.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Camera and Some Cuteness

I started having issues with my camera so we took it back to the store and they no longer carry the one we had ( it was only 2 years old and a Kodak)so because we had an extended warranty we got to pick out a whole new camera so we got a Nikon S560 and I like it alot already. Now I am back in action with picture taking and today was a good day to do it as we saw Noah and Jeremiah for lunch :)

look closely, can you see the two hand holders :)

The Fashionista

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Lauren has been asking for the craft kit Paperoni and when we were in Florida a commercial came on so I went ahead and ordered her a fairyland one from Amazon. It was a good idea, it came in today and she spent most of the evening doing it, she has 2000 in her kit so she should be busy for a while. :)

*she was not impressed that there was picture taking going on while she was crafting*

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Florida Fun & Frolic

We spent 11 days in Florida and just got home a few days ago, we went for our denominations general assembly but also spent a few days with family. we tried to mix meetings and fun so we went to Sea World, Putt Putt Golf and Disney Marketplace while we were in Orlando. Our niece Brittany turned 15 and we got to be there to celebrate with her so that was very special. It was a wonderful trip but there's no place like home after a long trip :)

Happy Birthday Brittany...Ice cream cake. yum

she's holding mr. mailman from pbs sprout, she wanted to enter the contest of going to fun places with him to try and win a prize :)