Thursday, May 22, 2008

What Drought ?

Even though Georgia is still in a drought, it was too nice to stay inside so we gave Lauren a watergun and out she went chasing Jake. Then it was time for a dip in her kiddie pool. we did use the pool water to water our flowers and vegetables so we did recycle it. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Taking It For Granted

I have witnessed something the last two days that rocked me to the core with mothers and children. yesterday at chick fil a a young mother probably about 26 was telling another mother that she cannot wait for the nanny to start next week, she can't wait to be free of her 2 girls who were probably preschool age and sitting at the table when she was saying this. Today my friend T and I and our kids were at mcdonalds for a playdate and another mother of a little preschool girl snatched her little one up and told her " Your a horrible daughter, just a bad, bad daughter" My heart crumbled and broke for this little one. There are people right now that would give everything to have kids to love and these 2 mothers are taking it for granted. Come on people, don't take it for granted if you have kids to love and hold and teach. They are only little once and then before you know it they are gone. Don't be the moms in the restaurants crushing your kids with hurtful words and stupid comments.

" Let us look upon our children;let us love them and train them as children of the covenant and children of the promise. These are the children of God". Andrew Murray

Just Some Pictures

Noah's mom took these at the park, I thought they were cute of Lauren. I love black and white pictures anyway so I thought I would post these.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pro to Go

I try not to push my AVON stuff on people very often but I do have to say that this product is awesome. It's the new pro to go lipstick and it's a one handed lipstick tube that you slide the color up and then back down again to close it. It really is very cool and great for mom's who need more hands. if you would like to order some you can go to my website It's $5.99 right now. You can also email me if you would rather do that to order it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Day of T Ball Class

Lauren had her first T ball class today, she enjoyed it but she ran the bases backwards :) it was hilarious watching seven 3 year olds learning how to play the game. The picture of her with her hand on her hip in the field while Noah bats cracks me up.

Friday, May 09, 2008

A Few New Crafts

Lauren and I went to hobby lobby today to pick up some cheap crafts for her to do. I found these cute elephant and lion crafts for .88 cents so I bought the only 4 they had, as soon as we got in the van she had to hold them and then as she laid down for her nap she had to hold them. well, she fell asleep holding her craft and I couldn't get it out of her hand so she held it the whole time she napped:)You may notice the other ones had to stay close by also but the elephant one had to be held.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy To Report

I am happy to report that Lauren is now sleeping in her own bed in her own room. Friday she decided she wanted her Dora bed moved to her room so we did it and she has slept in there by herself ever since. I am happy that she is getting Independence but I am a little sad that she is growing up more and more each week. first potty training and now sleeping in her own room :) We are looking for her a regular bed so we can redo her room into more of a "big girl" room.

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Potty Present Choice

We took Lauren this morning to pick her prize for using the potty all week long, she had her choice between a cash register and a pink guitar or a Dora bath toy. she chose the Dora toy. :) we also went to lunch at Joe's crab shack so she had a very special day.

Her potty toy choice

Lunch at Joe's