Sunday, February 25, 2007

Five Generations

Steve, Lauren and I made a
trip this weekend to visit my
family in Altha, Fl. The
purpose of our trip was for Lauren to meet
her Great, Great Grandmother
and while we were there we
were able to get a 5 generation
picture with me, Lauren, my
mom, my grandmother and my great
grandmother. Wow, what
a blessing to be able to introduce my daughter
to her great, great grandmother
the 5 ages range from 90 to 2.
We had a great time and Lauren got to meet
all kinds of great aunts, uncles and
cousins. The first picture is the 5 generations
starting with me, lauren, my great grandmother Liddie, my grandmother Josephine and my mom Sarah. Stacie, Lauren, Liddie, Josephine, Sarah
Liddie, My dad and Lauren
Lauren and my dad aka Papa
Me, lauren and my mom aka Nana
Lauren with cousins Shea and Nate

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ta Da !!!!

Today was Lauren's first gymnastics class, she loved it.
she tried the balance beam, the cheese slice and the jumping block. She is in a class with only 5 other 2 year olds and she enjoyed watching them also. She learned that after you do anything in tumbling you get to put your arms up and say ta da....

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year Party

We had a CNY party here
tonight, we had 17 people come
over and we all had a great
time with food, fellowship
and fireworks. We served traditional new years
food, a prosperity tray and
Nian Gow for dessert.
Lauren & Jocelyn in their matching outfits
Let's eat

Steve, Stacie & Lauren Dudley

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Daddy's Girl At Last

For those of you who traveled
with us to China you know the
routine with Lauren and Steve, she was not having it.
Well, she is now becoming a daddy's girl, she will run to the door and look out yelling
dada, she has to have him lay down with her at night to go to sleep, he has to play don't break the ice and ants in the pants EVERY night with her, he has to be the one to feed her at dinner if she is having rice, it is so funny watching her become a dada's girl, Steve loves every minute of it also. Oh, and I get a break so we all win. :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Challenging Week In Toddlerville

Well, this has been a challenging week in the land of Lauren, our first incident this week was the large cup of chick fil a sweet tea being poured out on my couch. the story behind it is I had moved it so she could not reach it, well, she is a climber and when I left the room she climbed up, got the tea and you can imagine the look of horror on my face when I came around the corner to her pouring a large sweet tea on my couch. That was incident #1

#2 is the sore throat drops she stashed and then put 4 of them in her mouth at once, this happened yesterday as we were getting ready to leave for church, late as usual. Daddy had taken them away from her on Saturday when he found her in our bathroom floor sorting out sore throat drops( non medicated) that she had climbed up onto the counter to get, well, he didn't realize that she had stashed some away and yesterday pulled them out in the living room and put 4 of them in her mouth at once, I asked her what was in her mouth and she went blah, and red cherry throat drops went all over her and her church clothes. Like I said this has been one heck of a week with Miss L.

Sorry no pictures, trying to recover from Toddlerville, unlike Margaritaville where you feel no pain. :)