Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lauren and Noah

We had our weekly playdate
today with Lauren's best bud Noah.
These 2 have the neatest and sweetest
relationship, they are such great friends already. Soon there will be another playmate when Noah's new brother Jeremiah comes home from Taiwan next month :)

Here comes Noah
The Best of Friends


Lauren's Nana said...

They are really cute together, you can tell she really has a good time with him:). I am glad she is feeling better.
Love ya'll

LaLa said... sweet!!

Hopingforsix said...

They do look so sweet:) Love that last photo of Lauren.

Teresa said...

We always have such a good time visiting with you guys. It is something we really lookf forward to every week. I'm so glad Lauren and Noah are such good friends and I'm thrilled that I have found a friend I have so much in common with, too! Love the photos! You did great considering you had two moving targets!