Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Florida Christmas

We are back.....We had a great trip to Florida to see family.It was 82 degrees for Christmas. Wahoo...even our dog Molly loved the warm weather. HA

Lauren had so much fun with the cousins and she had a bounty of gifts. Her all time favorite gift this year was a leapster, she got a leapster and 6 games for it and she has not put it down since she opened it. it made for a nice ride home. :) she also got 7 new board games so we'll be busy for a while playing those. She LOVES to play board games. We had a great visit but it's so nice being home and in my own bed. :)

The Dudley Cousins

playing leapster with Heather


Lauren's Nana said...

We sure enjoyed having all of you here for Christmas, although the time went way too fast.
I thought you might have to rent a truck to get all of Lauren's loot back home:).

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Cousins for Christmas... always a great time!

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Glad you enjoyed a nice warm Christmas. We are heading down to Florida next week.