Monday, November 15, 2010

A Lesson Learned

Lauren has been making herself crazy asking for Aqua Sand Mermaid Island so she got money from her grandma and decided that's what she wanted to buy, it was a good lesson for her because she thinks everything she sees on TV is the " best thing ever" well, we got it home and opened it and she was highly disappointed in it because the mermaid is tiny, there's only 2 bottles of sand and a cheap plastic bowl, so it was a good lesson learned for a 5 year old :) on a brighter note, she did get some the cutest shoes ever also :)

see that tiny little pink thing, yep, that's the mermaid

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Lauren's Nana said...

The shoes are very cute,I can see why she would want them for sure:).
This is a very good lesson for her to learn, a hard one but a good one. That is one little bitty mermaid:).