Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pizza !!!

For six years now we have tried to get Lauren to try pizza, she always refused and said she knew she wouldn't like it. At church a few weeks ago they had pizza rolls as a snack and one of her friends told her it was really good so she tasted it and LOVED it.A few weeks went by with no mention of pizza or pizza rolls and then her class had an end of year party and served pizza for lunch, I sent a lunchable just in case she wouldn't eat it, well, her teacher said she refused the lunchable and ate 2 pieces of pizza instead. Not a major deal by any means but six years later she is finally trying new foods. Now, let's see how long it takes her to try vegetables ?


Courtney said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of pizza eating Lauren!

Lauren's Nana said...

Yay Lauren, Nana &Papa are so proud of you for trying new things, we love pizza and we love you more:).