Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Daddy's Girl At Last

For those of you who traveled
with us to China you know the
routine with Lauren and Steve, she was not having it.
Well, she is now becoming a daddy's girl, she will run to the door and look out yelling
dada, she has to have him lay down with her at night to go to sleep, he has to play don't break the ice and ants in the pants EVERY night with her, he has to be the one to feed her at dinner if she is having rice, it is so funny watching her become a dada's girl, Steve loves every minute of it also. Oh, and I get a break so we all win. :)


LaLa said...

Such happy times!!! I remember very well the tough time they had in China and I am so happy all that is in the past. Who wouldn't LOVE Steve?? Nothing like watching the men in our lives turn into mush with our girls ; )

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Yeah - Daddy's Little Girl!

I love watching little girls with their Daddys!

Our Madden Clan said...

It's great to see the turn around. I am on the other end though :-( MOMMY is all JiaLi will have... Daddy is only okay but only if MOMMY is not around :-)
I still turn to mush when JiaLi is in my arms :-)

Our Madden Clan said...
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