Sunday, February 25, 2007

Five Generations

Steve, Lauren and I made a
trip this weekend to visit my
family in Altha, Fl. The
purpose of our trip was for Lauren to meet
her Great, Great Grandmother
and while we were there we
were able to get a 5 generation
picture with me, Lauren, my
mom, my grandmother and my great
grandmother. Wow, what
a blessing to be able to introduce my daughter
to her great, great grandmother
the 5 ages range from 90 to 2.
We had a great time and Lauren got to meet
all kinds of great aunts, uncles and
cousins. The first picture is the 5 generations
starting with me, lauren, my great grandmother Liddie, my grandmother Josephine and my mom Sarah. Stacie, Lauren, Liddie, Josephine, Sarah
Liddie, My dad and Lauren
Lauren and my dad aka Papa
Me, lauren and my mom aka Nana
Lauren with cousins Shea and Nate


Maddenclan said...

Wow--five generations-that is so special! My heart melted looking at these pictures. Joe and I each no longer have our grandparents here as of this year and the time that we did have with them was so special. Thank you for sharing! These are the kinds of pictures you keep forever and pass down. So neat:)

LaLa said...

That is so wonderful..consider yourself truly blessed : )

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Wow Stacie that's amazing - Five Generations!

Lauren you are one lucky little girl to have some many "Grand" & "Great" people in your life!

Anonymous said...

We are very blessed to be able to bring 5 generations together, we all had a wonderful time and of course Miss Lauren won everyone's hearts just as she has won all of ours, being a Nana is just so wonderful:)