Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tales from Toddlerdom

Everyone knows I love my daughter
more than sweet tea but there
are days like today that I may
actually prefer tea to toddlerdom.
Issue #1 was this morning when
my precious 29month old decided
to strip off her diaper and poop in
my bedroom floor.
Issue #2, she lovingly went into
mama & dada's room and poured
orange juice out on mama's
white down comforter.
Anybody else experiencing
toddlerdom tales ?
Doesn't she "look" innocent ?


The Family Register said...

Uh oh! That is no fun! Connor did the pooping thing in his room. Duct tape her diaper onto her. I promise it will only take 2 or 3 duct taped diapers and the behavior will stop.

Just remember that one day you will look back on these things with a chuckle (probably when Lauren calls you to tell you your grandchild has just done the very same thing). Hang in there...this age passes (sometimes too quick and other times not fast enough).

Hugs and Encouragement,
The Registers

Molly's Mum said...

HA HA HA I am with ya xxxxxx

LaLa said...

Sorry..can't help you...Annslee is perfect and never does any toddlerdom terrors....

Hang on while I stop laughing. Oh my gosh...Annslee is a whine champ! Drives me nuts...and the DRAMA MAMA that she is.

Linda is probably right ... one day we will laugh when they 'reap what they sow'

Anonymous said...

I'm a reapin':)
Your Mama

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should have said you are now reapin' too:O)You my dear had toddlerdom terror moments as well:) Just wait until the "teen terrors"!!! This is a piece of cake:)
Love You!

Maddenclan said...

You will laugh--enjoy toddlerdom--I'll take a 2 1/2 year old whine over a 9 year old whine any day;)
We had an incident of poop on the floor--JiaLi took her clothes off to get into pj's and out the poop came:) It is funny(although frustrating at the time). JiaLi enjoys trying to get a glass of water--she can only reach the hot water in the bathroom--AAAAHHHH!!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Oooo... we know how much you love your comforter!

The poop part had me laughing. I haven't experienced this yet, but I'm sure I will regret my laughter.

We have a lot of Todder Days around her too... and I think to myself: Did we really turn in our dossier for a second child?

Hang In There... my new mantra is: Tomorrow has to be a better day!