Thursday, June 07, 2007


I took the girls to jumpsters
today for a little while, they
had a good time but Lauren's
favorite thing there was
a school bus that you sit in
and once she saw it there
was no more jumping for her. Jocelyn excited because they had a castle jump

The school bus that captivated Lauren


Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Looks like fun!

LaLa said...

So is always one thing that gets them and then they are there all day. Oh well, makes it easier to watch them I guess : )

Lauren's Nana said...

You just never know what will capture their minds... Looks like she had hers made up though, she is such a beauty:) Jocelyn looks like she is having a great time as well.

Maddenclan said...

Lauren needs to meet Joseph--he still loves school buses. Even now it is his favorite thing to play--he is constantly saying to the others "do you want to play school buses?" Looks like a fun place to play:)

Molly's Mum said...

Ohhhhh Lauren looks SO pretty. I love her hair.