Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Shoes And A Trip To The Park

We took Lauren to the park to play Sunday
and we all had to slide rather we wanted
to or not, see the finger, she means
business. She also got new shoes today
Dora light up sandals and she wore
them out of the store and has
enjoyed them ever since. Slide mama

Slide Dada
Dorda shoes


Lauren's Nana said...

I love 2 brown eyed girls:) Love the shoes, she will want to sleep in those, you may never get them off of her.

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Cool shoes Lauren!

Stacey... I hear ya about the slide... Josie and be kind of bossy too when we're at the playground: Mama Slide, Daddy Slide, Mama Swing, Daddy Swing... I truly believe that these little girls need a little sister (or brother).

Anonymous said...

Stacey: Lily has the same Dora light up sandles and the same "Brown Eyed Girl" t-shirt. Isn't that funny? Kisses to Lauren.

Debbie, Roy and Lily.

LaLa said...

Annslee saw this and said "Anns" ha ha

Love the shoes and yeah, we slide a lot too.

Maddenclan said...

Love Lauren's expressions--she is just adorable! And the outfit--Can't beat it--looks so perfect on her:)