Monday, August 27, 2007

My tongue hurts and a book report

I know, it's a crazy title but today Lauren came to me and
said "mama, my tongue hurts". I have no clue as to why her tongue hurts, I didn't even know she knew where her tongue is at. :) but anyway, she wanted some orange medicine for it ( ibuprofen) and it made it all better :)

Now for the book report, the discipline without shouting or spanking book was ok and I will be glad to mail it to anyone that would like to borrow it. just email me privately with your address. There is one line in it that totally applies to me and that is " disciplining is sometimes like working fertile ground and sometimes like hitting your head against a brick wall"
The basics of the book are:
1. Decide on a behavior you would like to change ( explain to your child what you want done)
2.Praise your childs behavior when she/he is doing something good
3.Avoid power struggles
4.Be there
5. Don't be a historian ( don't keep reminding your child of a past bad behavior)


Lauren's Nana said...

Of course she knows where her tongue is, she is brilliant!:) Maybe she bit it playing or something, but at least the orange medicine made it all better:)
At least you came away with some new info from the book and could pass it on, that is always good.
Love ya'll

LaLa said...

Well, the power struggle is the hard one for me. Right now the whining is making me nuts but I really think it is b/c she is non verbal and frustrated.

Love these pics of your silly girl...

Hopingforsix said...

That orange medicine is great;) Thanks for the book report!!

LaLa said...

Hey..I tagged you on my blog : )