Thursday, August 30, 2007

Adoption Fundraising Help and Our dog Molly

We are working on our second adoption, this time from Vietnam. If anyone has any fundraising ideas they would be willing to share please tell me. We are going to have to do this as debt free as possible so I need to fundraise and apply for grants as much as I can. We'll keep you posted on the adoption as we are in the beginning stages. Now, about our poor dog Molly.

We have a daschund/pekinese
mixed dog Molly, that is about 14 years old.
she is very patient with Lauren even when Lauren
does this type of stuff to her.
I don't know if you can tell but
Lauren is trying to wipe the dog's mouth
after feeding her turkey cubes. she chased
this poor dog all over the dining room
trying to wipe her face and Molly never got annoyed she
just ran away and tried to hide. Can't say I blame her. :)


Hopingforsix said...

We are in the same boat with trying to come up with fundraisers. I came across a Yahoo group about Adoption Fundraising and it was great but almost overwhelming--still it might be worth looking at. We are gathering things for a yard sale in the spring and you saw our t-shirt thing. We will help you with the magazines you are doing as Christmas gets closer.

LaLa said... crack me up..yeah, a clean dog is key : )

Well, you know we do the magazine thing and my Mary Kay money goes that way....hmmm, the yahoo group might be worth a look ...

Lauren's Nana said...

Molly is such a trooper,with such a determined follower she will be looking for a better hiding place.:)
Don't worry, we will figure out this fundraising project to get us another baby:)

Texan Marilynn said...

Like the Mary Kay sales, I hear the Creative Memories and Home Interiors has things going for fund raisers. I am not sure of what the magazines detail, but I know God will provide the money from somewhere. I love your blog as I alway end up with a smile on my face!

Molly's Mum said...

Congrats!!!! We are considering the Philipines for # 2 but not sure what to do yet coz of Molly (not the dog) and $$$$$$.