Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Atlanta Reunion 2008

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We had a great weekend visiting with old friends and meeting new ones as well. The reunion turned out to be alot of fun despite my worrying :) We are so blessed to have an extended family in our Hubei group. We love them all and cannot wait for Reunion 2010 in St Louis. It was fun to see the personalities come out that you don't see on the blogs. Josie was alot quieter than I expected her to be and of course Miss Annslee was her wild self, Liana is so sweet, Jiali was alot of fun to watch and so were her brothers & sisters, Ellen and Lauren are alot alike in attitude and sassiness, Molly took it all in and Jenna had fun on the elevators, Mikayla watched it all with her brothers by her side, Caeli was the cutest thing and very fast to get away, we didn't get to see Lily come out much but she enjoyed playing with the others also. All in all the girls are beautiful and spunky, just as it should be.


Lauren's Nana said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time, all the little ones are beautiful. You did a great job setting this up so all the worrying was for nothing:).

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Stacie - we had a GREAT time - everything was WONDERFUL!!!!

I found it amazing to watch each of the girls too! They all seem happy and fit perfect with their families!

I learned something about Josie this weekend... she was quiet when she was around EVERYONE (that she didn't know so well)...but when she was one-on-one with someone (especially Lianna who she knows the best) she was completely loud and bossy!

And she was very jealous if I showed attention to Annslee, but not when I showed attention to the other girls - I wonder what that was all about!

Again, thanks for organizing and everything you did! It was a Great Weekend!

LaLa said...

What a fun time we all had...it was way too short though! What do you mean Annslee is wild?? LOL

Hopingforsix said...

It was such a great trip! I loved meeting everyone:) Lauren is just such a cutie!! Thank you for all your effort in organizing!

Julie said...

I have enjoyed all of the posts about the reunion - we are Hubei too, but just a different agency. I went from Laura's blog to Lolly's to yours. We live in Atlanta so I have loved the pix of the zoo. What a fun time!