Sunday, April 27, 2008

She's A Southpaw

Lauren is a southpaw, she is doing everything left handed, she works her computer mouse lefthanded, she writes & colors left handed, she eats with her left hand. She's a lefty :) and she does have more clothes than these striped shirts she's always in but she always picks the "rainbow" shirts to wear. I choose my battles carefully with her, it makes life a little easier :)

oh, and speaking of paws Jake graduated from obedience school this weekend. Lauren got to take him on his graduation march around the store, she was so proud :)

*excuse the picture/post order, ever since I had my blog redone I can't post pictures with captions under them, not sure why*


Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

You gotta love a well trained dog!

A southpaw! Todd will be jealous - he is still holding out hopes that Josie is a lefty, but I'm afraid she's not... she seems to be doing more and more right-handed. ;-)

I hear you about clothes... it is funny that they have such an opinion about what to wear at such an early age.

Julie Fink said...

I think my grandson is a lefty too! His dad is and my dad is too!

Lauren's Nana said...

Congrats Jake!
Looks like Nana needs to look for more rainbow shirts so that she has a variety:). Aw shucks, we know how much I hate to shop for this child:)You have to choose your battles for sure!!!

LaLa said...

We can't decide about Annslee...she used to do things 90% lefty and now it is both all the time : )congrats on the dog training : )