Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fascinated With Poop

Well, there you have it. My daughter is fascinated by poop. she wants to know what color it is each time she poops. I know this is not a pleasant post but it is funny :) This is our conversation tonight.

Lauren: What color is the poop
Mama: it's green
Lauren: It looks like peanut butter
Mama: Lauren, it does not look like peanut butter, it's poop. I need to clean it off of your potty seat, it's yucky.
Lauren: It not yucky mama, everybody poops.

Ugh, she says everybody poops because that's what I had to tell her to keep her from getting upset when we had to clean up and now that's what she tells me.

And there are no pictures because I am not that weird :) I just think it's funny that she is fascinated with bodily functions, she wants to know every single time what color it is. I do good to keep from up heaving when I clean it and she wants to know the details of it. Maybe she'll be a nurse or even a doctor one day and then I'll appreciate her interests. HA


Lauren's Nana said...

I for one am thankful that I raised a daughter that doesn't takes poop pictures that falls under TMI:). And as she says "everyone poops":)She is such a funny little punkin.

LaLa said...

I am so glad Annslee refused a potty chair...YUCK on the clean up. She was in daycare and they used the little commodes so she wouldn't sit on one...we just did the padded "baby" seat on the big potty.

Oh, yeah, Annslee almost falls off the potty sometimes trying to look at hers she is bent over so far ; ) The funniest is when she eats those colored goldfish..usually you get bright blue poop (you should try it...Lauren will be THRILLED)

Seems like our words always come back to haunt us....LOL

Holly Walker said...

Gross...and too funny! I remember the first time my poop was green I thought I was dying. (Too much grape soda, apparently!)

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

I read this the other day and laughed out loud... I guess I was laughing so hard that I forgot to post a comment.

Josie is all about the poop too. She like to talk about how 'big' it is or how 'stinky' it is. Seesh!