Monday, June 09, 2008

My Mission Today

She's proud of her new room

The new playroom

My mission today was to turn Lauren's room into a big girl room by moving the queen bed from the guest room into her room and turning the guest room into a playroom for her. we bought new livingroom furniture over the Memorial day weekend and it's being delivered tomorrow. I think her new room is cute, you can't really see the sheets but they are circles like the wall stickers, lauren put the wall stickers on herself so I didn't mess with them too much, I did go back in and spread them out a bit more while she is napping but since she put them how she wanted them I tried to leave them alone. Her playroom is still a work in progress but at least I can just close the doors if it gets too bad and she has a place to go and play by herself so I don't have toys all over the house. This will have to do until we can afford a bigger house :) The best part of it all is that it didn't cost me much to redo Lauren's room, we had the bed already and I found the comforter online at and the wall stickers on ebay so I redid her room for less than $70.00, not bad huh ?


Lauren's Nana said...

Very cute, I can't wait to see the room in person in July. She looks really happy in there,one child, 2 rooms?:). Who buys all this stuff?:) I do have to admit,some of it does look a little familiar:)

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

LOVE IT! Love the bright and cherry colors and the fact that Lauren put up her own stickers!!!!

A play room! Wahoo! Love the fact that you can 'close the door' and hide all the toys!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Oh, forgot to mention... LOVE the price of the make over too! You should have your own HGTV show: Stacie Gets You The Whole Shebang For Less Than $100!

LaLa said...

Love it....the stickers are so cute and what a talent doing it herself : )