Friday, September 19, 2008

Susie & Sonya

Lauren has never liked dolls. well a few days ago she picked up a doll in her room and said " this my baby" I said great, what's your baby's name ? her reply was daddy so i told her daddy is a boy name and you need a girl name for your baby so she chose Susie for her baby's name. well, a few days later she found Sonya in her room so now she has Susie and Sonya and they go everywhere with us, unless there asleep and then I get told " shhh, babies are sleeping" Susie is her " bavorite" (favorite)because she can change Susie's clothes. :) Susie is the one sporting her new cheerleader outfit, she gets her clothes changed alot during the day.:)


Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

That is SO great! Josie still isn't into dolls. But she did ask to put clothes for her monkey on 'her list'.

I think I mention before how I liked Lauren's 'new room'... but I REALLY like that bedding! Love the bright colors!

Lauren's Nana said...

She has had those forever:). Not surprising to me how she changes her likes and dislikes, she is her Mommy's daughter:).

LaLa said...

So cute!! Annslee goes through phases and right now isn't into her "babies" but was for a long time.

I love her clothes changing...and you being told to keep it down when they are sleeping!!

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

How adorable!