Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Latest

Our home computer has a trojan virus, the computer guy repairing it said it's the worst trojan virus he's ever seen, basically every time we hit a key the virus locked up the computer so it's now in for surgery and should be home in a few days.

Monday we took Lauren to the international adoption clinic in Birmingham, AL because of her night terrors and after almost 3 hours of testing they have diagnosed her with PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They also tested her intelligence and she is a gifted child. the PTSD will always be there her entire life and they can treat it with medicine if it gets out of control. Lauren's clinical results showed that her anxiety level is in the 97th percentile. Her night terrors are related to PTSD and we are working on trying to relax so she can sleep at night with no fear. She has to go back when she is 5 for further evaluation. ( Alabama family, we didn't let you know we were coming because Steve had to get back here to work on the new church building, sorry...)

That's the bulk of the latest with us, no pictures because our computer is sickly. :(

Oh, I also got a job... I am working part time at Lauren's preschool. I think it will be fun and with working there I get a tuition discount. Wahoo. :)


Debbie said...

Oh. Stacie...made me sad to hear of Lauren's night terrors. I'm so glad you guys found the clinic in Alabama. I've heard great things about it. We already knew she was gifted! Congrats on the job. Love to you all.

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

I second Debbie on the gifted part ;-) Beautiful and Gifted!!!!

It is so sad that some of our little girls have night terrors and PTSD... hope you find and get the all the help you can - Lauren deserves the best! Will be thinking about you as I tuck Josie in at night.

Michelle said...

Night terrors are the worst. We will be saying lots of prayers for Lauren.

Congratulations on your job!! That is so great.

LaLa said...

I know I emailed you but wanted to send you another HUG!! You and Steve are such proactive parents and Lauren is going to get the best treatment. You know we are thinking of you!

Lauren's Nana said...

The job at Lauren's school will be great for both of you:).
I pray every night for the baby's night terrors to end I feel so bad that she is going through this and I know that it must be horrid to watch her go through this and not be able to "fix" the situation. She knows how much we all love her and she has such a loving Mommy & Daddy.

Patty said...

Liana and I are praying for Lauren, and for you and Steve. That is great about your job at Lauren's pre school. Take care, Love, Patty & Liana.