Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When She Dresses Herself

This is the outfit Lauren chose to wear yesterday :) Luckily it was cold here so she couldn't go out with the shorts and the t shirt on. She appears to be very self expressive already:)


Lauren's Nana said...

She looks like a lost or maybe confused tourist:). I see the tongue still appears also, she is such a trip!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Hey, at least all the colors match!!!!

Don't you just wish you could get inside their little minds (for a minute or so) to see what is really going on in there!!!!

LaLa said...

Oh, I see she "no love long pants" either *sigh*

Love it!

Michelle said...

Love her look:) Catching up and loved seeing her field trip photos--that looks so fun! It is crazy how fast they are growing!