Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Where Have We Been ?

At the fair...... Our church has a booth at the Cumming fair and our family has been working it every night since last Thursday and then all day on Saturday's & Sunday's. It ends this week but it hasn't been all work, Lauren has been riding rides, playing games and eating lots of fair foods.We have had a great response at the fair to our church, we are handing out pens, magnets and balloons and also having drawings for Kroger gift cards. since the fair started we have had 400 hits to our churches website so that's really neat. Here's a few pics of the last few days.

The Booth

The skybucket ride, she liked it but was happy to get off of it and so was I :)

The boats were more like it and they are on the ground :)


LaLa said...

So fun...and productive. I would like the boats better too. Looks like Lauren loves it all!

Lauren's Nana said...

Looks like a lot of fun,we can't wait to see you guys, see you Saturday :).
Love to all

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Life at the fair - in a kid's eye's that's got to be awesome!

That's great that you're getting a lot response!