Thursday, January 01, 2009

So Worth The Money Spent

$39.99 Price of an exercise trampoline at Sears
1 small spot in the living room, zero problem
1 little girl absolutely exhausted from a day of jumping=PRICELESS

( seriously, when this one breaks we'll buy another one because it wears her completely out and she LOVES it)oh and on this one from Sears the legs fold under it for storage, another bonus. :)


Lauren's Nana said...

Her Nana thinks her smile is priceless:).
What a bargain, exercise and wearing her out all in one, what a deal:).

Kim, Jeff, Emily and Benjamin said...

I've seriously thought of picking one of these up for Emily to use, especially during the winter when we don't get outside to play much. Glad it's working well for you!!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Oh yeah! Jumping! It's a good thing! Looks like she's LOVES it!

Nice, that the legs fold up!

LaLa said...

Great idea! Looks like she is having a BLAST!!

Michelle said...

She looks like she is having so much fun!! It looks worth it!!
Hope you guys are o.k. after that flood--thinking and praying for you.