Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry no pictures but my camera battery is dead and my new one hasn't come in yet. Lauren was excited to get her bag of goodies this year. She got a new Dora book, Dora candy and a big flower balloon from daddy and mommy. Mommy got flowers. This was the first year she picked something out for daddy and she got him a football filled with chocolate, we also got him his favorite movie on dvd " National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" and yes I know it's not Christmas but Steve loves this movie and has been watching it on vhs for years so he needed an upgrade :) we are going to Chili's for dinner tomorrow night so we stayed home tonight :)

Hope everyone had a great day and I hope to have a camera battery soon. :)

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Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

No battery for your camera! Yikes!

I love it when Josie picks something out for Todd... it's funny to see what she thinks is a good gift!