Friday, February 15, 2008

The Princess and Her Purse

Lauren wanted a purse to carry like
Mommy so when we went to the store we
let her pick one out and surprisingly she didn't pick Dora, it's a
princess purse. Here she is showing it off.
Lauren's friend Annslee has this shirt also, thanks for telling us where to find it. It's daddy's favorite. Big shock, I know.
Look at how grown up she is holding it on her shoulder
This is a mid air jump of purse excitement
* I got my new battery so I am back in picture taking heaven:) Also, Congratulations cousin Heather who has been accepted to the University of Florida, way to go....


Lauren's Nana said...

And what a beautiful princess she is!

LaLa said...

Oh my gosh....blast from the past! Annslee outgrew hers...we need to get a new one when we are in Atlanta : )

Such cuteness with her purse

Julie Fink said...

So adorable!

Hopingforsix said...

Love the purse:)

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Josie is in a Girly-Girl phase (at least I'm hoping it's a phase). She loves purses, jewelry, fancy shoes, dresses & tights!

Love the mid-air jump - caused by purse excitement - LOL!!!!!