Friday, February 22, 2008

Lauren and Jake

We haven't had Jake a month yet
but he is Lauren's dog already,
she can pull his tail like in the
picture below and he could care less.
She also will grab his mouth and open it
and tell him to " say ahhh"
he never nips or gets annoyed with her
he just wags happily :) I tell
you he has been a great
asset for us, he starts
"doggy school" in March
so hopefully it helps him
become an even better dog. Pulling on Jake
Getting Doggy Kisses


Hopingforsix said...

Hope you are feeling better! Love the pictures--Jake seems like a perfect dog for your family:)

Lauren's Nana said...

She looks like she has a great time with Jake! The puppy do kisses are really cute, she is such a cutie, I am glad Jake is such a good dog, he does seem like the perfect one:).
We hope you two are feeling better and your great nurse doesn't get sick now!

Lauren's Nana said...

I meant puppy dog kisses:)

Molly's Mum said...

isn't having a doggy the best!!!!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Ah, perfect! They look like they are made for each other.

I know Josie would LOVE to have a dog that belonged to her... maybe some day.

Julie Fink said...

your blog looks beautiful!

Debbie said...

LOVE the new blog look. That's great!!