Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun Foil Art and a Lesson In Economics

Lauren has been bugging me to death asking me for something she saw on tv called Fun Foil Art, she would not let it go, she asked me every day for it it was like Annslee and the red dress at the reunion. Lauren is determined that when she wants something she does not give up on it and that was the case with this craft thing so I told her that if she wanted it she had to give me $10.00 of her money(she gets $1.00 a week for doing her chores on her chore chart) and I would pay the rest of it. It was $30.00 for this thing with shipping so she agreed and went to her piggy bank and got me $10.00 out to pay for part of it. well, the mailman brought her fun foil art yesterday and she was so excited, she played with it most of the afternoon off and on yesterday and this morning she started playing with it before she even got dressed.


Lauren's Nana said...

Such determination this child of ours has:). Sounds like someone else we all know & love. I am very proud of your parenting skills having her contribute to the purchase, that will help her appreciate things more:).

LaLa said...

So happy she got it and good chop letting her contribute : )

I hope she had a great time!

Debbie said...

Lauren's something else! It always amazes me how they get something in there little minds and will not let it go.

What a great idea on the allowance and chore chart!

Colleen said...

Wow, I'm impressed that Lauren even understands the concept of money. What a fabulous lesson for her.