Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not A Good Day

I try and not let my blog get venty but this has not been a good day. Lauren is not sleeping again and was up 6 times in the night, then the pediatrician called and informed me that they messed up on her immunizations and she didn't recieve all of them and needed to come in today and get 3 shots, then someone hit my van, yes the new one and didn't leave a note ( Steve thinks the entire back bumper will need to be replaced) so that's how today has been. I am hoping tomorrow is a better day :)

Because she had to get shots today and she tried to be brave we went to the dollar general store afterwards and she got a nail set with nail polish, fake nails and hair clips in it, she played with them for the longest time. Not bad for a $2.25 purchase :)

I am filing the van claim tomorrow and don't know if we'll get a rental or not as we leave on Tuesday to visit family in Florida, the whole driver side bumper is split wide open.

A happy girl showing off her nails


Lauren's Nana said...

Wow, it wasn't a good day at all, I am so sorry this has happened!
Those are some nails miss priss has:). We are very proud of her for being brave at the doctors, please tell her for us.Hugs and
love to you all,

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Wow! The new van... yikes! And dealing with that on a lack of sleep - not good!

Yep, that's a bad day! Tomorrow HAS to be better! Hang in there!

I am NOT going to show Josie this picture of the fake nails... she'll want some purple ones too!

Colleen said...

Whoa, those nails looks scary. LOL!

I'm sorry you had such a trying day. That is terrible about your van. I'm also really sorry to hear that Lauren is having trouble sleeping again. I know how awful that feels for the whole family. I hope her sleep issues resolve themselves very, very soon.

asiangarden said...

You know what they say "when it rains it poyrs" I'm sorry! Bailey keeps me awake at night, and I know about not getting sleep! it can be so frustrating!
Kai-Li needs two more shots and I told them I was holding off until June. I can't bare to see my kid sufferm and right now Kai-Li has a huge bruise from on eof her shots! poor baby!

Kim, Jeff, Emily and Benjamin said...

You poor thing. I'm so sorry and hope that tomorrow will be a brighter day for you. Had a little chuckle, though, at the purple nails. Very nice!!

Leonard and Krista said...

so sorry you had a rotten day! will be praying for you and hope it improves.