Monday, March 09, 2009

Time's Flying

I guess I don't always realize how fast time is going by until I look at then and now pictures. We went back to Pooles Mill park on Saturday and when I got home I started looking at past pictures from the same park almost 2 years ago and could not believe how fast she is growing up. These pictures are from the same park, same swings, same water spot but look at the difference in Lauren. wow, time really does fly by.



Same swings then

Same swings now


Lauren's Nana said...

You are so right, I look at pictures of you sometimes and it doesn't seem possible for you to be grown up and a Mommy so I understand the feeling completely:). She is so precious just like her Mommy is to her Nana

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Oh my! I love Now and Then pictures! But I agree: WHERE does the time go?????

LaLa said... know I love then/now pics!! Our girls are growing up way too fast. Thank goodness they aren't FIVE yet!!! LOL