Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anxiety 101

Well, we are back to square one with Lauren and her anxiety issues, I put her in a preschool camp for a week because she wanted to be with other kids, well she FREAKED out because of the crowd of kids and will not go back, I called her doctor today and she said to withdraw her from camp and do not let her attend preschool in the Fall or it will get worse. we knew we were going to homeschool anyway because of her high anxiety but she wanted to play with other kids so we signed her up, big mistake. She completely shut down and had an anxiety attack both days she went. I get frustrated at times when I see how easy going and social other kids are but I have to remember that Lauren has these issues and scored a 96 % anxiety level on her testing at the International Adoption Clinic so she is just different than other kids but honestly it doesn't make it easy on any of us. Her doctors tell us to expect her to be on anti anxiety meds at some point in her life, I hope she outgrows this before that point.


LaLa said...

Oh, I am so sorry she didn't enjoy it like you thought she would. I hope she outgrows it too. I know you and Steve will do all you can to help her through this.

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Oh, I am so sad to hear this... I hope she grows out of it too. Sending a big hug your way!

Lauren's Nana said...

This makes me very sad too, I was really hoping she would love camp since she was so excited about going. I hope she outgrows this as well so she doesn't have to go on any kind of meds.
Please give her a hug and tell her Nana loves her gazillions.
Big hugs and love coming your way as well.

Leonard and Krista said...

Sorry to hear about Lauren's struggles. I wouldn't worry about her socialization, though. From the looks of your blog, she has lots of friends and she did great with her cousins at reunion. She just might have to keep the groups small for a while yet.
Love and prayers,

Colleen said...

Oh rats, I'm sorry to hear the camp didn't work out. Poor little Lauren. I do hope her anxiety is something she will outgrow. (As you know, Linlee is challenged to be social for completely different reasons, but it is very frustrating as well as heart breaking. We just want our girls to be happy.)