Thursday, July 09, 2009

Florida Fun & Frolic

We spent 11 days in Florida and just got home a few days ago, we went for our denominations general assembly but also spent a few days with family. we tried to mix meetings and fun so we went to Sea World, Putt Putt Golf and Disney Marketplace while we were in Orlando. Our niece Brittany turned 15 and we got to be there to celebrate with her so that was very special. It was a wonderful trip but there's no place like home after a long trip :)

Happy Birthday Brittany...Ice cream cake. yum

she's holding mr. mailman from pbs sprout, she wanted to enter the contest of going to fun places with him to try and win a prize :)

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Lauren's Nana said...

We loved every minute we got to spend with all of you:).
Playing leap frog was a little rough on her Nana & Papa but we would do it again if requested:).
She is just amazing! We might be a tad bias:).