Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bye Ya'll......

Well, obviously Lauren thinks she
is a native Georgia Peach because
she now tells people bye ya'll
when people are leaving our house.
It's hilarious to hear this little
Chinese girl using southern
drawl, but in her defense her
favorite foods are fried okra and
sweet tea to drink. Oh, well
there are worse ways we could have
influenced her I guess. :)


LaLa said...

OH..and I love her little Easter shirt..too cute!!! Hopefully we will see y'all soon...and I love tea and okra myself so have some ready.

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Stacie... I find this topic funny! I've heard Josie say the Midwest version "Bye Guys!" I've also heard her say "Hey You Guys", which I know I say but when I hear her say it, it sounds so... uhm, I don't know... so uneducated or something.

I think about when our daughters head off to college. Everything will be new to them and they will be unknown to everyone around them. They will look so Chinese from the outside, but then they'll open their mouth and say something like "Bye Ya’ll"... It will reveal who they are on the inside, but I'm sure it will also produce a lot of strange looks from those around them.

Maddenclan said...

How lucky for Lauren to have that wonderful Southern charm--our Boston accents really are not so flattering. Although I am very proud, when JiaLi replies "yes" to a statement she actually says "yes" instead of "yep" or "yeah"-maybe we have some hope but those "r's" are very tough for us Northeners!

Patty said...

She is so cute! I can only imagine the southern drawl. Liana says "bye guys" when we leave daycare. It will be neat to see them all together and hear them talking.