Friday, March 30, 2007

Peek a Boo and TP Towers

Lauren loves to hide so her new favorite
place is under a table, she will get her whole body
under there and hang out until
someone finds her. She also loves to stack
and today she emptied the TP from the
bag and made towers out of it, it's the
simple things in life that are the most fun
for her. and yes I know she's not wearing
pants but she is happiest in a t shirt &
diaper. :) Do you see me ?
Here I am

The fun of toliet paper stacking
The leaning tower of TP


Anonymous said...

Her Nana & Papa G. thinks she is just beautiful in anything she wears and doing anything she wants, although we may be a little, okay maybe a lot bias:)
Love you,

LaLa said...

Love it..she is too cute. Hey, Annslee wants to see some Pandas so we will get with you and head to Atlanta to the Zoo...the girls would have a blast!!!

Oh, buy that child some blocks so she doesn't have to use your toilet paper : )

Maddenclan said...

I love how creative she is being with the toilet paper. Double duty use! She is just so cute!!