Friday, March 23, 2007

She's Growing Up

I know they can't stay babies
forever but the older she gets
the more I wish she was still
this little, sweet baby. We went to
Target on Wednesday and decided
to stop for a snack at the cafe there
when she looked at me and said
" I went pee pee", I almost fell out of
my chair. she is ready to potty
train now so let the fun begin.
She has been in speech therapy
since November and Wednesday was
also her last session there so she is
changing in lots of ways but
no matter what she will always
be my baby. :) Baby Lauren at Radnor Lake 2006
Big Girl Lauren


LaLa said...

I know what you mean...I miss my little baby but I love watching her learn and discover new things. Go potty girl!!!

Anonymous said...

She will always be your baby, just as you will always be my baby:)
Your Mama & Lauren's Nana

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Alright! Potty Training, oh I mean, Toilet Learning! Ha!

I hear you about the growing up part... I wish they could stay cute, sweet babies (snuggling when taking a bottle - that kind of cuteness and sweetness). But it is exciting and fun to watch them learn new things too.