Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Meeting Gill

Most of you may remember
last summer we got Lauren a betta
fish named Bruce. Well, Bruce went to
the big fish pond in the sky so
today Lauren and I went to petsmart
and got a new friend who we named Gill
after the scarred fish in Finding
Nemo, Gill has a scar on the back of his tail. :)
Daddy wanted a blue fish this time
since Bruce was red. Meeting Bruce, Summer 2006
Meeting Gill
The I got a cool, new blue fish grin. :)
I feel sorry for Gill already, he will have to be a strong fish


Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

That last picture is TOO FUNNY!
Poor Gill! Hang in there buddy!

Anonymous said...

How could anyone not love that face? I wonder what she is telling Gill? I also hope he is a tough guy:)Lauren's Nana & Papa G love her so very very much, she brings a smile to us every day with just a look at a picture or a thought:)

LaLa said...

Love the photo from last year. She is cracking me up in the last one. I think she wants to go swimming with him!

Maddenclan said...

Love the progression to the up close and personal with Gill. So hilarious-It's probably good for Gill to have an owner that wants to be that close:)