Monday, October 29, 2007

Change is in the air

Well, here we are again. on the verge of a change. we have decided to switch programs and adopt from China once again. Steve was not fully into Vietnam and was going to do it to make me happy which is commendable but not the right thing to do. So once again, China here we come ( eventually ). That's ok, I still have shopping to do in China anyway that I didn't get to the first time. HA. :) Lauren still says she wants a brother but maybe a sister will work too.

Here she is with the Auburn cheerleaders from saturday's game of Auburn/ Ol miss. Which was a blast but so cold, we actually had to buy a blanket there to try and stay somewhat warm. :)


LaLa said...

What a cute pic...she is grinning so hard!!!

I was confused about VN anyway since the timeframe (2 yrs) is about the same anyway....who knows with the way international adoption is...either country could speed up or slow down.... : )

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Welcome back to the China wait. We can always use another cheerleader to help chant and cheer for a speed-up in the waiting process!

I agee with Laura, Lauren's grin in the picture is priceless.

Hopingforsix said...

Love Lauren in the photo!! So adorable! The wait is crazy in both countries now--we are so excited for you!

The Family Register said...

Just follow your heart and God's whispers to your new daughter...whether she is in VN or China. We are thrilled for the 3 of you...and can't wait to meet the newest Dudley!

hausfrau said...

We just adopted a little boy from China and he is the light of our lives, I fully endorse the "brother" idea!

PS - Special needs kids are a short wait, my son's timeline was 8 mos and his need is fully repaired.