Monday, October 08, 2007

Our Weekend Adventures

We took Lauren to a corn maze on Saturday
and she picked a pumpkin
while we were there. Steve
was off today for Columbus Day
so we went to the Yellow
River Game Ranch which
was very cool, it was basically
a free roam petting zoo
and the animals were so
friendly, they would just walk right up and
let you feed them. Lauren
fed deer, peacocks, pigs,
rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels
and even black bears, the bears
were in a pen and you just threw
food to them but it was a
neat place.
Her Pumpkin choices
Feeding a deer and apple slice
The Deer just gathered around us
She is telling the rabbit to sit in this picture :)


Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Wow! What a cool place! So up close and personal with the animals!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Josie would like to add:

Lauren's Nana said...

I love the one of her telling the bunny to sit:)Such awesome places to take her and fun places to go for all of you. Glad ya'll had a good time.
I am trying to find other color shoes for her to add to her collection:)

LaLa said...

We want to come.... I love the bunny pic : ) Super cute as always.

Hopingforsix said...

That looks like such a great place--that bunny picture is so adorable:)