Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Small Update on our Vietnam Adoption

Here's a few pictures of our
"catalog" as Steve calls it. This
is the guidebook for our Vietnam adoption and to
say this thing is big is an
understatement. We met with the
social worker agency today and
are working on getting our
home study in the works. Because
our agency does not have social workers
in Georgia, we have to hire someone
to do the home study. Once
our homestudy is complete
we are put on the list to be matched
with our child which is approximately
18 months. Then we submit a
Dossier and then we travel. This
adoption has me sideways and
upside down because it is so
different then China was.
We also want to thank everyone who has
donated through paypal and those who are praying for us, we
are truly grateful for your support. Our Vietnam Guidebook ( Catalog)
This thing is thick :)


LaLa said...

Isn't it fun?? Ha ha..Yeah, totally different from China. I think the Dossier is easier but maybe that is just b/c we knew where to go get everything this time.

Have fun collecting your stuff

Hopingforsix said...

Wow, that is thick! It is totally different from China and I am paranoid that we will miss something!! We'll be thinking of you.

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Wow that is a BOOK!