Thursday, January 31, 2008

Always in Motion

This is a glimpse into life with Lauren and Jake, you'll see Jake run by chasing a ball, then Lauren breaks into a song of twinkle, twinkle, little star and then starts to spin. Poor Molly just stands around like where am I and how did I end up here? :) Hope you enjoy.

" just ignore my singing on there"oh, the stuff on her face is cupcake icing.


Lauren's Nana said...

Just what I needed to see today, it made me smile:) She is so precious and I loved hearing both voices:).
Love ya'll

LaLa said...

Awww....sweet. I think you both have lovely voices!!!

Hopingforsix said...

Loved it!! It's so great to be able to see action:) She is so adorable!

Molly's Mum said...

She did NOT want to say goodbye to the camera. And the camera obvisouly loves her too. Future movie star in the making!!!! I see Oscars & emmy's in her future :-)