Wednesday, January 16, 2008

She's Definately a Southern Girl

We had snow tonight in Atlanta, yes, I know it's not the snow that the North is used to but hey, it's snow. This is the first time since we moved here that it has snowed.Steve is as giddy as a kid, he has been out in it for most of the night.

Steve bundled up Lauren and took
her outside to see it, her
response was.
" Ooh, snow pretty"
Brrr, it's cold
I all done, I go inside
I go watch Dora".
She's such a southern girl
just like her mama. I could
do with Fall and Summer and
just hibernate through winter. :)


Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Too Funny! Steve does look pretty happy in that last picture!

Lauren, I like your blanket!

LaLa said...

I know what you mean..Annslee wanted to catch snowflakes on her tongue tonight but come right back in... brrrrr