Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bubbles, Dragons and Snakes

Steve was off yesterday so we went to Fernbank. They have a new dinosaur exhibit that we haven't seen yet and we have a membership there so it was the perfect day to go. On special occasions they have animal encounters and yesterday they had a boa constrictor and a bearded dragon that you could pet. Well, many people don't know this about my girl but she LOVES snakes. she wants a pet snake and her favorite animal in the whole wide world she says is snakes so when she saw the big snake she was over the moon to be able to touch it, she waited in a huge line and then went back in the line to pet the dragon. They also have a huge sensory area and the bubble section was a huge hit with her.


Lauren's Nana said...

I can understand the bubbles and possibly the dragons but I can never understand the snakes:).
That place is amazing though, glad you guys had a good day.

Colleen said...

Oh my, that is one brave little girl! (Snakes - eek!)

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Ohmigosh... what's with these girls and snakes!?!?! Josie wanted to pet one at the zoo too (although, I doubt she would say it was her favorite animal). Snakes give me the heebie-jeebies!

She looks cute at the bubble table. And how nice is it to have a tall Daddy. A Tall Daddy = A Tall Bubble!!!

Anonymous said...

Showed Noah the pictures and he didn't want ANYTHING to do with that snake. Lauren is one brave girl! You know you've got your hands full!

LaLa said...

Ummmm...YUCK... We listen to "Rick & Bubba" and he calls snakes the Devil's Handpuppet...LOL

That bubble is cool!!