Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's Been Happening

Haven't posted in a while, we headed to Florida on Friday to see an old friend who is battling colon cancer and came home on Sunday night so it was a very quick trip. Lauren had fun playing with grandparents and cousins while we were there and one evening we went to the Florida State Fair so she had a good trip down even though it was a surreal trip for daddy, his friend has asked him to preach his funeral so that really was a last goodbye type of trip. Our house has still not been repaired from the flood, the insurance company is trying to say that we need to just replace the pad in the rooms, then steam clean the floors and leave the old carpet there. so we are still dealing with that. We set up our breakfast nook into a homeschool classroom and went and got a weather chart and posters yesterday so it's coming together, lauren loves " school home" so it's fun to be able to work with her on it. She starts gymnastics in March and is really excited about that.

As far as our second adoption, the Philippines ICAB board has said that we can apply with them but because Steve had open heart surgery years ago that they have deemed us unhealthy so that means we will be at the very bottom of a referral list, the Philippines do referrals to Filipino families first, healthy families second and un healthy families last so we are looking at a 6-8 year wait on a referral, which means if we stay with it Lauren will be 12 when we get a second child. So we are looking at other programs and domestic to try and figure out what to do and make the best decision. So that's what's been happening :)

" school home"


Lauren's Nana said...

It was wonderful to spend time with you guys as short as it was:(.
The "home school" looks really great, she will enjoy that a lot and so will you.

asiangarden said...

I will be thinking about you with your second adoption, I don't hear often about adoptions from the Philipeans anymore, although I remember when I was a kid I knew a boy who had been adopted from there.
When I think of Asian adoption I always think of China or Korea.
I love the little school set up!

Colleen said...

Stacie, we can hold hands during this struggle to find our second babies!

Glad Lauren had fun on your trip.

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Love the school home! Looks very colorful and inviting!

So sorry to hear about Steve's friend.

Yikes - on the second adoption! But hang in there (um, I can't think of anything better to say - ugh).