Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snake or Lizard

Lauren has been begging Steve almost daily for a "real" snake and he keeps saying, wait until your 7 and you can have one so you can take care of it. so today we had the usual beg for a snake and he said at 7 you can have a snake so she replied well, when can I get a lizard then. HA

She almost has him talked into a Chinese Water Dragon, he agreed to go to petsmart with her to look at it which is where she found it at to begin with. Lord help me, I have a little Ellie May on my hands :) keep in mind she's only 4 and she knows how to work Steve already.


Kim, Jeff, Emily and Benjamin said...

Oh you poor thing. I just could not do any kind of pet reptile. My pets have to be furry with four legs. Good luck!!

Lauren's Nana said...

Well, considering I also raised an Elly Mae, I have no suggestions, unless she brings home a pigmy goat like you did, then you can take it to a petting zoo to live like we did:). I am so glad you never wanted a snake, you did like have the domestic lizards hanging around alot though:).

asiangarden said...

Ahhhhh! I would freak! lol
I couldn't handle rodent's either, they just scare me.
I can see her little sweet face though, and understand how Daddy could be wrapped around her finger at the tender age of four!
Kind of reminds me of Alexa on John and Kate plus 8 who loves Aligators. lol

LaLa said...

How funny...see, you thought with no boy you were safe ...of course she has Daddy wrapped : )

What is on her hand in this pic?