Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Callaway Gardens

Steve, Sarah and Jocelyn all played hooky yesterday from work and school so we took a day trip to Callaway Gardens. The kids had a blast, we went to the free flight raptor show and an owl grazed my head as it flew over, that was wild, now I know what a mouse feels like when an owl comes after it. :) then we went to the butterfly conservatory and saw the 1000's of butterlies there. It was a great half day getaway even if nothing was blooming yet but hey, admission is free in February so you can't beat it. :)


Lauren's Nana said...

Wow, Callaway gardens is beautiful, maybe next time we are there we can go. I am glad you are bigger than a mouse so the owl didn't get you other than graze your head, that was scary enough I am sure:).

Colleen said...

Sounds like a lovely afternoon (except the owl thing would have been scary!).

asiangarden said...

How pretty! And wow, you don't have any snow, looks nice compared to us! lol