Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cupcakes !!!!

I let Lauren make cupcakes yesterday, she added the oil, water and cake mix, she turned on the blender and then poured the batter into the little cake things that Nana sent, after they were finished cooking she frosted them. She had a great time and it was a great memory for us both :)

Oh and on a side note Jake's private trainer started coming today to help us with his agression issues, I found a Rat Terrier rescue group here and one of the directors offered to come each week for FREE to help us with Jake's agression ( I know Laura will be happy :)


Lauren's Nana said...

What great memories I have of making cupcakes with you, these are memories that can never be replaced:).She is such a cute little pantless baker who apparently loves sprinkles:).
I am glad you found someone for Jake, he is so protective of ya'll.
He has good intentions:).
my verification word is obsessed maybe they know jake:)

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...


LaLa said...

YUMMMMMMM....those look great. What a great little chef she is : )

Ha ha on Jake...yeah, keeping Annslee away from a dog is hard!! LOL