Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Mini Boss

Lauren is totally on manner and waste patrol right now. Here's a few of her "lessons"

"Mom, don't talk with that sucker in your mouth or you'll choke".

At church she told the class worker " You can only give me 4 squares of paper when I go potty cause I'm 4 years old"

when the class worker tried to help her with handwashing she told her

" your wasting water, you need to turn it off now "

she told jake " don't bark at people, that's rude"

we had revival at church a few days ago and she told the evangelist he sung too loud, he really was loud though in her defense :)

She thought the evangelist was the coolest guy ever, he was the worship leader in our Nashville church and she hasn't seen him for a while but everywhere we went she had to hold hands with him and when he left she told him "I'm gonna miss you so much " so sweet....

I could go on and on with the things she says, they totally crack me up. She's so small but says such "big" things to people now.


Lauren's Nana said...

She does talk more like an adult than a 4 year old for sure, I was just telling someone today about some of the stuff she says:). She is our little amazing one for sure who is loved so very much!

LaLa said...

Ha ha...those Hubei girls!!! Bossy doesn't even begin to describe Miss A!! She will say "I spank you bottom" Mind you, she's never been spanked herself so I don't know who she thinks she is!