Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dying Easter Eggs

I was so excited to dye Easter eggs with Lauren this year, we missed it last year for some reason so I got the colors ready, boiled the eggs, let them cool and got it all set up and was ready for her to have a great time. Well, the pictures below will show you how it went :)

Yep, she hated it, she didn't like the smell and she didn't like the way her hands got yucky. I have always said I have a determined girl, she likes what she likes and that's it.

Oh, can anyone tell me how to upload more than 5 pictures to blogger, that's all it will let me do.


Lauren's Nana said...

I was laughing so hard, I wish I could find my pictures of you at that age you were doing the same thing, you were so upset because the dye "was stinky" then you got colors on your hands too! I need to find them for you and send them it is so funny that you have one just like you!!!:).I am loving it:).

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Josie was complaining about the vinegar smell too... but then she got into the RAINBOW of colors and forgot about the vinegar! And I lost count of how many times I heard "Ah Oh!" when some of the dye dripped dropped on the counter or the dish rag.

I see that pants are still not a requirement at your house!!! HA!!! Love It!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Forgot to include:

To add more than 5 pictures to a post: Add the first five picture and when completed click the DONE button, which will bring you back to the post. Then click the ADD IMAGE icon and add up to five more.

Anonymous said...

Love it! She is all girl!!! I, on the other hand, spent the afternoon cleaning two boys who were caked with mud. We had a great time today at the park.