Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend Fun

We headed to the zoo yesterday for the Gorilla egg hunt, they hid jello eggs in the gorilla compound and let the male silverbacks go hunt for them. it was too cute. they also have a new parakeet feeding place where they have 500 parakeets in a aviary and you can feed them treat sticks, Lauren loved it. We had an Easter egg hunt at church today and she really enjoyed that. It was a great Easter weekend full of fun. The blue stuff on her face is cotton candy so you know she had a good day :)


Lauren's Nana said...

She is so beautiful, she just takes my breath away, just like you did:).
I love her dress, it looks really cute on her.

LaLa said... know I love Children's Place..we got the teal one but different pattern : )

Glad you had a good Easter...she is gorgeous as always.

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Beautiful Easter Girl! Love that dress!

Colleen said...

Happy Easter!

(Lauren looks adorable in her Easter dress.)